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Question   photo's
so many wonderful memories the pictures spark for me as a young girl and as a mom now too. You gave us something so special that will be a part of us forever....

- Raya Leith November 13, 2009

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Question   praise for the adventure
Beautiful photographic captures....interesting, adventurous life!

- Joni Earley July 14, 2009

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The picture of the hills above the lake as viewed thru the timothy is the stuff my dreams were made of as a child....until I could get back to the ranch for another magical summer of horses and the foote family! All your pictures capture such a beautiful essence of your lives and spirit, they bring me back to those wonderful times like it was yesterday!

- Amanda Norn June 16, 2009

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Question   Petaluma
The street art that you captured was wonderful! I live here and never noticed it before. Thank you for sharing!

- Maggie W November 30, 2008

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Question   Great photographs!!
You have captured a lot of beautiful moments in time.

- N D October 27, 2008

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Question   When will you have more?
My favorite is the grey horse running in the snow... Love your composition, movement and life in your shots.

-  December 19, 2006

  Answer Check it out!

- Elly Foote  November 06, 2008

  Answer I Just finished reading Riding Into The Wind. We met you when you were riding near Maysville, Oklahoma. My husband remembered your names and said he would like to know if you had published any books, so I "Googled" your names and found this book. Do you have a sequel?

- Euyvone McCall  July 03, 2011

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Question   Beautiful photos!
can't wait to see more! Wehre the broken wheel? My favorite!!

-  November 24, 2006

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