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Portrait: Elly FooteI bought my first Pentax SLR in 1964, while living and working in the barrios of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. San Juan Review published a photo essay called Heirs or Orphans. You can see some of the early work in the gallery.
A pro in Caracas let me use his darkroom to do the prints and I did some promotional work for Luis Luksic, the painter, who believed that art will transform the world
We went to Spain, built a house of our own and published a photo essay about it in a Swedish magazine, did some work for architect Rufino Basanez in Bilbao, lived with and fotographed a gypsy family as they travelled with horse drawn caravans.
Sold the house and went to the Patagonia and spent the next four and a half years living the lives of saddletramps in the three Americas.
Some of the photos from the ride are in the gallery and if you want to read about it, Riding Into the Wind can be purchased through this site, personally signed by both Nathan and me.
And so my life continues, the living of it and the imaging entertwined.

We worked the forest with Belgian Draft horses, produced videos on Logging with Horses. Over the years, our homestead evolved into an equestrian center.
The landscape around me is very important to me but I seldom turn my lens towards a sunset or a view; my subjects remain people and horses, the aim of my photographs to capture moments that take on a life of their own.
My work has been on covers in magazines such as Argosy, San Juan Review, Rural Heritage, Horse Sport, Horses All, Hasten and appeared in books and calendars. I have been hired for a variety of jobs, from architecture and design to weddings - love weddings, but don't expect the traditional portraits!
My photographs have received numerous awards.
I m a member of the Equine Photographers Network.